Shadow Box Style

The 600 series

The shadow box has long been a favorite way of displaying and protecting our treasures. Though seemingly simple idea, we have fused the Asian element with this age-old practice. As with our other karate belt racks, the shadow boxes are mounted to the wall with the French hanger. The acrylic front cover slides sideways to access the interior. The top shelf has two ¼” grooves for displaying medals and a rear space to pass the ribbons thru. The shadow box is made of solid pine with a plywood back. There are no graphics offered with this Belt Rack. Names can be custom added to the arch. The shadow box being a closed system is sized on the length of the longest belt, which determines the size of the belt box. Size a - covers belts up to 36” in length, Size b – belts 36” to 66” and Size c – 66” to 100”

#601 Shadow Box Belt Rack with Medal Shelf

(14” H x 28 ½” W x 5 ¾” D) size a

(15” H x 28 ½” W x 5 ¾” D) size b

(16” H x 28 ½” W x 6 ¾” D) size c

This compact belt rack will display 10 color belts on the segmented bottom shelf, a black belt on the middle shelf and 16 medals (3”) on the top shelf. The ribbons pass through a space behind the shelf to the middle shelf. This natural pine box can be stained black or natural and black, the interior is left natural while the exterior is stained black. See custom.

Size a - $55.00

Size b - $65.00

Size c - $75.00

#605 Large Shadow Box Belt Rack with medal shelf

(18” H x 24 ½” W x 5 ¾” D) size a

(19” H x 24 ½” W x 5 ¾” D) size b

(20” H x 24 ½” W x 6 ¾” D) size c

The large Shadow box has an added shelf to accommodate two additional black belts or additional medals. The top two shelves are grooved. Or, the additional shelf could be customized as a belt box for an additional ten belts. See custom for this and staining options.

Size a - $75.00

Size b - $85.00

Size c - $95.00

#610 Narrow Shadow Box

(24 ½” H x 11” W x 5 ¼” D)

The narrow shadow box is simply a shadow box for displaying your belts. The ten spacious shelves, 8” x 4”, will accommodate belt sizes up to 100”, the larger sizes could require cable ties to compress the belt folds. This Belt rack is designed to go where no other belt rack will go and still protect and display those precious belts. The acrylic cover slides upward to access the inside.


# 610 Narrow Shadow Box # 610 Narrow Shadow Box

# 615 Story Shadow Box Belt Rack

(19” H x 13 ¼” W x 4” D)

This shadow box is a specialty color belt rack. The position of the color belt in the belt rack represents the philosophical meaning of that color belt in Songahm Taekwondo (ATA). All together, they tell the color belt story from the journey beginning to the journey end, becoming a Black Belt. The belt rack is pine with a plywood back and is hung by the French hanger. The belt rack comes with instructions for placing the belts as well as the story of each belt’s meaning. The belt rack accommodates belt lengths up to 55” and can be customized with a name. See custom.


# 615 Story Shadow Box Belt Rack # 615 Story Shadow Box Belt Rack

We use top-quality materials to create durable belt racks. We make sure that our products are checked for quality. The awesome graphic designs are carefully painted by our artists and finished to perfection. The belt racks we offer have a unique Asian character to reflect where the martial arts originated. Display your awards and belts with pride with our Taekwondo belt display racks.

We have included instructions for mounting your belt racks. Feel free to visit our site frequently for our latest belt rack designs. For those who want personalized graphic designs or have inquiries about our belt racks, our shop in California is the place to visit. You may also call or mail us. Please visit the About Us page for these details.

For your orders, call us at (209) 204-2070 and have a fantastic martial arts display for your hard work and achievements. Visit our site regularly for updates on shadow box belt racks. You can also get the opportunity to view our superb craftsmanship when we display belt racks in Martial Arts tournaments. Fuel your passion for your chosen spot by properly showcasing your rewards and memorabilia in martial arts.